This blog (and its YouTube companion podcast) was created by a mom whose kids started getting obsessed with conspiracy theories found on YouTube.

Our mission is simple: to help raise critical thinkers.
As young thinkers become more interactive with the Web and social media, they are bombarded with myths, popular conspiracy theories, and hoaxes.
This blog is designed to help young minds become critical thinkers, to study the facts before they jump on a popular bandwagon.

Our process: we research popular topics and discuss them using evidence and facts. Our sources are a lot of scientific sites and works already published *, but we try to summarize it and write it in a simple, straight-forward way.

We try to apply the following formula to every topic: Use Logic, Evidence, and Reasoning.

The blog, Facebook page, and Podcast are run by volunteers during our free time. This is a not-for-profit endeavor.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions!

* If you believe that we have cited or used your materials without proper attribution or permission, please contact us so we can rectify the issue right away: